bulk sms marketing made easy

Send bulk or single SMS

Send a message to 1 user or 100000 users. Either way sending messages via ThinkMessage is a quick and simple process. Sign up for free to start sending Single or Bulk SMS right away.

Create Message Templates

Create and save as many message templates as you like allowing you to save time by automating message content for repetitive tasks.

Manage Contact Groups

Compile your contacts lists into manageable phonebook groups with simple csv upload and download features. Send a bulk SMS by simply selecting the group and sending a message.

Scheduled Delivery

Send your SMS at a time that suits you with maximum convenience. Simply select the Date and Time the message should be sent and ThinkMessage will take care of the rest.

View Delivery Reports

View individual reports for each customer in your bulk send group. Find out if the message was delivered successfully.

Pay As You Go

Don’t worry about monthly fees or expensive subscriptions – with ThinkMessage it is purely pay as you go.

Example Uses for SMS

Get the most out of SMS Messaging and add value to your business.

  • Scheduled SMS Appointment Reminders Reduce costs by lowering missed appointments.
  • Promotions & Offers via SMS Send unique promotions direct to your customers.
  • Emergency Information Immediately notify about school or work closures.
  • Internal Communications Keep your employees up to date about meetings.
  • Event Management Let everyone know where to be and when.
  • Instant Updates/Notifications Send Sports scores, Parcel Delivery times etc.
  • Betting Tips Provide instant Racing or Stock Market tips.
  • Brand Awareness Communicate directly to your target customers.
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